Meet The Man Of The Moment- Will Thompson

February 19, 2022

Award-winning filmmaker, writer, producer, and director Will Thompson is a visionary and a multi-faceted movie powerhouse. He engraved his mark as a force to be reckoned with after he won the highly-coveted award for the script Illuminati at the prestigious Los Angeles Movie Award Film Festival. 

Known for his versatile and enigmatic personality, the Oak Park native- Will Thompson went on to gain further credibility with his appearances in various sensational movies and TV series. Some of which are Murder Chose Me (2017), Related Destiny (2018, a powerful short film which he wrote, directed, and starred in the role of Chris Lafair), and Chicago Fire (2014), among many others. 

It would be accurate to refer to Will Thompson as “The Man Of The Moment,” judging by the high expectations and wave of anticipation towards the release of his movie Good Intentions. 

The movie, which was scheduled to be out in May, suffered a delay because of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. But despite the seeming setback, Will Thompson forged ahead with new projects, capturing each story idea as he’s inspired. 

With over 200 cast and crew members on the set of the movie Good Intentions, Will successfully broke his own record as this is his largest production to date. 

One of the sponsors of the movie was West Suburban Hospital located in Oak Park. They allowed the movie to be filmed inside the hospital. BulletSafe provided the vest for the film, and Starbucks provided coffee every morning.

Will sure knows how to bring his ideas to life and maximize every avenue at his disposal. 

The movie Good Intentions tells the story of a Chicago police officer who falls back to crime when he realizes that his money troubles are about to jeopardize the health of his beloved wife. Get ready to catch some action, suspense, thrills, and rush of emotions as you watch this epoch-making movie.

 Although we’ve seen crime movies before, prolific storyteller Will Thompson brings a twist to the storyline matched with very likable characters (including Will’s role as Officer Alex Mason), original performances, and flawless production values.

Already, the trailer is garnering widespread recognition. And lots of people who have a knack for high-quality movies are beginning to talk about it.

The movie Good Intentions is produced by Urban Visionary Films. And with Will Thompson as founder, he has rightly positioned the company to share timeless stories from his heart that can resonate with everyone.

Already we can see what he achieved during his first foray into the entertainment industry with the writing and production of the short film Related Destiny.

The movie was released on Amazon Prime, and even critics couldn’t help but compliment Will Thompson’s production acumen. It got the attention of producers and went on to be a major bang! We can already see his highly anticipated movie Good Intentions heading in almost the same direction. 

The indefatigable CEO of Urban Visionary Films Will Thompson has rightly earned his place as an avid storyteller, writer, director, actor, and producer. 

He has earned other recognitions as the Best First Time Director and Best Supporting Actor at the 2019 Vegas Movie Award, Best Short/Festival Favorite at the 52 Weeks Film Festival 2018, and several others on multiple occasions for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

With the soon release of his movie Good Intentions, we can only expect a history-making movie that far outweighs what we’ve ever seen from this genius.