CryptoBear Watch Club Making Waves in the NFT Scene with Massive Value and Utility Offering

February 19, 2022

Virtually everyone in the digital world has become involved in the NFT space recently. This technological innovation has made a sweeping take in the ever-advancing digital universe and is now poised to change how the world operates. Nearly everyone is now convinced that the world’s future is digital and new projects like Crypto Bear Watch Club NFT are leveraging that conviction to get as many people as possible on board.

Crypto Bear Watch NFT is not just about building a community of holders for its tokens; the project is more about delivering value and using that value as a springboard to become the hottest and most prized NFT asset in 2022. The collection of 10,000 exclusive NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain was created by international commercial illustrator Stuart Holroyd, who has done notable work for globally recognized entertainment companies and personalities. Stuart’s work can be seen in Netflix, Warner Brothers, History Channel, and Animal Planet projects. He has also worked with stars like Dave Bautista, Elijah Woods, and Kevin James.

At its core, Crypto Bear Watch Club leverages its creator’s expertise and experience, which are evident in the final artworks. Confirmed holders will receive airdrops of 3D files and be able to use their avatars in the Metaverse and CBWC’s soon-to-be-launched MMORPG game.

Crypto Bear Watch Club NFT features hand-drawn artworks with more than 450 traits present in the bear characters portrayed in the art pieces. These traits ensure uniqueness in each token and are programmatically assigned to ensure that no two Crypto Bear Watch Club NFTs are the same. The value offering that the project promises is present through numerous giveaways and gifts to the holders. For instance, during the mint process, holders are promised the chance to win high-end luxury watches worth millions of dollars. In addition, lucky holders will also receive airdrops of Arkouda utility tokens that they can redeem to win luxury watches. 

Holders of Crypto Bear Watch Club NFT also have access to the club’s premium 6 x 6 Sandbox plot, located next to the central Ataru hub, while getting preferential access to high-profile events that celebrate the dynamic nature of the CryptoBear Watch Club Community. The launch date has been slated for the 21st of February, 2022, and with over 50,000 members in its Discord channel, the anticipation for the whitelist has grown as the days roll by. Once the collection launches, the whitelist sale price for Crypto Bear Watch Club NFT will be 0.5 ETH. 

Crypto Bear Watch Club NFT will appeal to people dealing with investments, NFT HODLing, cryptocurrency, digital art, stocks, luxury goods, luxury watches, and art collections. The project aims to be a dominant force in the digital world, and thus far, all indications strongly point to the possibility of that happening.