Durango Cantina: Hotspot on Melrose

November 13, 2023

This hot spot on Melrose is sure to have your taste buds tingling. Durango Cantina is a thriving new restaurant that has delicious Durango-inspired cuisine. Durango Cantina first welcomed its customers at 7661 Melrose Avenue in May 2023. Inspired by the northwestern Mexican state of Durango, Durango Cantina was founded after the founders took a memorable trip to this beautiful location.

Durango Cantina is the perfect date night, group celebration, or Friendsgiving destination. Durango Cantina provides an inviting ambiance and intimate atmosphere that elevates the dining experience. The menu was inspired by traditional Durango recipes with a touch of California. The delicious menu at Durango Cantina was curated by Chef Alex Carrasco, whose successful career has been shaped by his renowned establishments such as Bee Taqueria, Osteria Mozza, and Once in Las Vegas.

Durango’s menu provides a variety of delectable dishes that are quickly becoming favorites of many customers. Some of these dishes include the flavorful Lamb Shank (braised lamb shank, asado rojo salsa, rice, beans, avocado salsa, verde, and tortillas); Branzino Zarandeado (wood grilled branzino, huichol-marinated rice, salad, lime, salsa de serrano, and avocado/tortillas); and Beef Ribs with mouthwatering chipotle glaze.

Durango sets itself apart from other establishments with its genuine and diverse menu options and the events they host throughout the week. Chef Carrasco enhances the dining experience through innovative and artistic presentations that allow customers to experience a unique culinary journey during their events.

Durango Cantina also hosts a fun Taco Tuesday every tuesday. You can enjoy their tantalizing Taco De Pulpo (octopus a la diabla, morita aioli, cilantro, and caldo de camarón); Taco De Tuetano Con Carne (roasted bone marrow, carne asada, salsa roja, queso de petate, onion, and cilantro); and Taco De Birria Con Costilla with mouthwatering birria stew, roasted baby lamb chop, salsa verde, cilantro and onion. Each dish is Durango-inspired and offered in soft shell only as of now; sides are provided upon request.

Durango Cantina elevates its Taco Tuesday by promoting different DJs each week while servicing as specials throughout the week. The Taco Tuesday special opens up Happy Hour all day. People can play pool, dance, and enjoy great food and drinks with their friends and family. Durango Canitina is one of the only places on Melrose that offers a Mexican Saloon experience.

Another event Durango Cantina hosts is Karaoke Night on Sundays. There is something here for everyone. If you are waiting for your turn to sing, you can happily enjoy one of Durango Cantina’s delectable dishes or play pool with friends. You will always be entertained here with the variety of things to do.

The plethora of things to do here is endless, and it would be a great spot for Friendsgiving this year. Durango Cantina is here for all of your social event needs this season. You can be sure to count on them to provide great food and entertainment throughout the whole duration of your dining experience, making Durango Cantina one of the hottest spots on Melrose.

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