Elite Beauty Bar: Natural and Timeless Beauty

November 2, 2023

Located in the heart of Pasadena, California, Elite Beauty Bar is a full service beauty salon that will meet every need. From facials and manicures to fibroblast and mesotherapy, Elite Beauty Bar has got you covered. The story of Elite Beauty Bar started several years ago. Gisella Zimmer wanted to create something affordable yet luxurious. Her husband thought of the name Elite Beauty, which Gisella loved because it represented what she stood for.

Gisella’s journey in the beauty industry is second to none. Her pursuit of education in many different aspects of beauty makes her highly knowledgeable on all the services her business offers. Gisella has several certifications in Derma Lip Blush Specialist, Brow Lamination, Master Makeup and Hair Design, Lash Lift Artist, and more. Despite her many accolades, Gisella is continuing to grow her knowledge to keep up with industry trends and advancements.

Gisella believes in the 80/20 rule of beauty: “20% of your skincare results are from professional treatments, and 80% of results are from your homecare routine.”

This philosophy sets Elite Beauty Bar apart from its competitors because the company hand picks its products to ensure they are clean, effective, and innovative. In addition, Elite Beauty Bar is the first and only one-stop beauty shop in Pasadena.
For the launch, Elite Beauty Bar featured beauty brands Jazzy France, Pinkies Collections, and ASIDA Paris. These Filipino cosmetic brands are made in France and they are cruelty-free, vegan, and natural.
Gisella grew up with very hardworking parents. They taught her to be respectful and compassionate. These qualities have helped her stay grounded while navigating the beauty industry. These qualities combined with her knowledge in business due to her International Business degree, make Gisella a great leader to her team.

Gisella is hopeful for the future of Elite Beauty Bar. In addition to continuing her education in the beauty industry, she makes sure her beauty salon is at the highest standard. Everything in Elite Beauty Bar is timeless and classic. Gisella believes in all things natural for both beauty and products. The beauty industry evolves fast, and most people prefer a healthy lifestyle, so Gisella always chooses quality products that are natural and vegan.

As Elite Beauty Bar grows as a business, Gisella remains committed to providing clients with luxury beauty care at an affordable price. The team at Elite Beauty Bar hope to give their clients a unique experience that empowers them to feel their best self.