Stack Pack charts a success story like no other, acing the game in multiple niches and sectors

September 14, 2022

The young business owner is a versatile talent, who has stunned people worldwide with his excellence in varied niches, be it music, media, NFTs, or more.

There are tons of talented beings that have today become a topic of discussion for all the right reasons. These talented beings mostly belong to the younger brigade, and they never leave a stone unturned in showcasing what they really possess as true-blue professionals, experts, artists, entrepreneurs, and much more. Their dedication combined with their passion for their work has what brought most of them to the forefront of their respective sectors, even amidst massive competition and saturation. Among them, we noticed how Stack Pack “packed a punch” in varied industries, radiating his brilliance in all. Stack Pack is a growing multipreneur to have experienced incredible growth in his endeavours and success as a self-made and driven entrepreneur.

Stack Pack may seem to be just another young guy vying to make his mark across different sectors around the world, but he is definitely more than that and has proved his mettle with the kind of success he has gained for himself in his journey so far. Interestingly, he had begun his journey at the naïve age of 13, and this took him toward selling sneakers. However, music was also something that he felt a close affinity toward, and hence he began honing his skills by becoming a professional hip-hop beat producer. Today, his expertise and experiences have allowed him to work along with some of the biggest music production companies, artists, and record labels of the world. 

Stack Pack did not stop here; he chose to expand his career by learning new things and diving into high-growth potential markets, which made him enter the NFT world and the universe of Metaverse. This allowed him to sell several artworks and music through NFTs, which helped him lead to the top even in crypto and NFT niches. Today, he is at the top of the business world in multiple ways, serving as the Vice President of business development for The Oz Club, Head of Media and Talent Management at Kandiid, the marquee senior member at Soulja Boy’s app, and the CEO at Internet Traffic Agency, which is a top consulting agency known for its winning social media campaigns, digital magazines, digital billboard placements and more, making people famous.

He also owns Internet Traffic, the magazine covering the biggest celebrity events. Stack Pack has made his name also as an influencer, working as a brand ambassador for renowned brands worldwide.

Currently, Stack Pack (@stackpack) is looking out for more promising projects with his media partner Charles Myambo, with whom he is also working on a much-talked-about project having over 270 channels with DStv.

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