Ashley Black, an avid Health and beauty investors shares the 5 consumer trends that are all the rage in 2022

March 15, 2022

Ashley Black pioneered a billion-dollar industry by being ahead of the curve through the invention of FasciaBlaster® tools. The 2020 Entrepreneur shares her insight for what’s next in the health and beauty industry. 

“It’s not snake oil, it’s peer-reviewed and published science,” shares the landing page on Ashley Black’s AshleyBlackGuru.com® website. The results created by Black’s FasciaBlaster® may in fact seem like magic, but this fascia expert is here to share how her success is really a product of research, science, and understanding industry trends. 

Crafted as an instrument to regenerate the constricting fibersand sheets of connective tissue known as fascia which surround and penetrate every organ, joint, muscle, and system in the human body, the FasciaBlaster® has over 3M fanatical fans across the world thanks to its ingenuity and effectiveness.

The regenerative capabilities of Black’s products have been proven by both empirical science and hundreds of thousands of real-world testimonials to reverse the clock on aging through wrinkle reduction and increased blood flow, and is the cure – yes cure! – for cellulite. The tools also relieve painful joint inflammation and aching muscles, which was their original intention. 

Named Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2020 American Business Awards, Black’s inventions are being recognized globally for their innovation in providing an accessible treatment option for those looking to age gracefully, reduce cellulite, and discover a cure for the root cause of so many health issues today – the fascia. 

For the successful founder, necessity truly did breed innovation. Black discovered the fascia system of the body when searching for a solution for her own physical ailments, which began at the age of four when she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She later encountered a near-death experience in her mid-twenties when diagnosed with a rare bone infection carrying a 93% fatality rate. Her refusal to accept her diagnosis, which could very likely have been a death sentence, inspired her fascination with the body’s fascia system.

To date, over 3M fans worldwide have experienced the benefits of Black’s innovations, including the upper echelon of professional athletes, royals, billionaires, and A-list celebrities, all of whom praise the impact her products have had on their bodies, confidence, and lifestyle.

Backed by peer-reviewed research from clinical trials and countless testimonials sharing before and after results, Black’s genius is proving to have taken the health and wellness industry by storm, bringing in the solution it didn’t know it needed. Never before has the fascia industry been brought to life until millions of fans took to social media, praising the FasciaBlaster tools and Black’s expertise. Her perseverance and the enthusiasm of her users put fascia care on the mainstream map, leaving big beauty and health brands scrambling to catch up.

Black’s foresight is amongst the factors that have made her product a trailblazer in the industry, demonstrating her innate ability to remain ahead of consumer trends.
In a recent interview, she shared “I don’t really worry about copy-cat ideas or bandwagoning because I welcome all fascia care into the marketplace because the world needs it. No one has spent the last 30 years thinking about fascia day and night, like me, and I’m always learning. So many of my ideas are still tucked away in my head, and no one can copy that! So, I feel confident that it is my place in the universe to lead this space, and I love every second of it.”  

Today, the Entrepreneur of the Year shares the five predictions she’s made throughout her career which allowed her and her products to be positioned at the forefront of the health, wellness, and beauty industry:

Trend #1 – Tissue Regeneration 

One of the biggest names in skincare recently published an award-winning study sharing that “… pressure awakens skin regeneration ability.” In it, they revealed that “… the application of pressure to the skin stimulates the proliferation of stem cells stored in ‘stem cell reservoirs.” This study conducted by one of the industry leaders further validates what the FasciaBlaster® tools have been doing for years. 

“Tissue regeneration is experiencing a surge in popularity lately and I am so in love with the research that is behind this up-and-coming trend,” Black excitedly shared. “What I love most about this trend is that it’s all-natural, non-invasive, non-chemical, and a simple treatment option that is easily accessible. This is a movement I don’t predict slowing down.”

Trend #2 – A Rise in Cryotherapy 

The past decade has seen cryotherapy blow up. This is because research and results are showing that it helps reduce inflammation, provides pain relief, and stimulates the brown fat activity in our bodies by causing us to burn more calories. By 2026, experts are predicting that the cryotherapy industry will be valued at $6.72B.

“I learned about cold tub baths from sports magazines in the ’70s and the benefits of cold therapy from decades of working with professional athletes,” reflected Black. “It was only natural for me to roll out a whole line of KyroKits to make it a treatment option that is both affordable and accessible to my consumers. Not only can athletes experience the first-ever full-body KryoMat for aches and pains, but my clients can also experience the cold therapy impact for a fraction of the price that MediSpa’s charge.” 

Trend #3 – Preference for Vegan and Non-GMO Products 

Vegan and non-GMO products experienced an industry ramp-up in 2007 when The Clorox Company acquired Burt’s Bees for over $900M. Founded as a natural and sustainable beauty line, Burt’s Bees disrupted The Clorox Company and set an industry standard that other big names in the business have aspired to mimic. Recent acquisitions, such as Shiseido acquiring popular skincare company Drunk Elephant for $845M in 2019, show that this trend is in no way slowing down.

“These massive valuations show that there is clearly a demand for these kinds of products,” Black explained. “I develop all the oils, creams, and serums that accompany FasciaBlastertools by sourcing white paper proven raw ingredients that allow for all of our products to be plant-based. Yes, this style of business coincides with the rising trend in favor of natural, vegan, and non-GMO products, but it is also something that was important to how I wanted to operate my business.”

Trend #4 – COVID Friendly Products 

The pandemic drastically shifted consumer demand away from out-of-the-home treatment options and towards do-it-yourself treatment options. Initially, this was out of necessity, but statistics are sharing that some of these at-home remedies are here to stay! One of the leading emerging beauty trends is at-home beauty tools. This trend has been on the rise for some time now, but with the pandemic, the rate of consumer adoption greatly accelerated.

“When I first invented the original FasciaBlaster®, it was during a time in my career where I was actively working with professional athletes for sports performance, injuries, and fascia regeneration,” Black recalled. “I couldn’t be everywhere at once, so I created the FasciaBlaster® as a device that they could use independently to maintain their tissue in between treatments, or while on the road. Today, incorporating those design components into the invention has made it a product that is available and accessible to all, within the comfort of their own home. Little did I know back then that this would be a huge attribute for clients come 2020/2021!”

Trend 5 – Consumer Customization

Consumers are looking to have products customized to their specific needs, and society today has the technology to make that happen. Levi’s, for example, launched Project F.L.X. (future-led execution) in 2019 which allows for the customization of denim goods at select Levi’s studios. Clients can go in, get custom fit for their jeans, have their measurements and design preferences stored in a database, and then forever have access to the perfect fitting pair of denim at the click of a button. This trend is unfolding in the health, wellness, and beauty industry as well.

“For the FasciaBlaster®, customization is equally as important,” emphasized Black. “ I offer a massive library of videos to customize the programs to everyone. My social media maintains a 100% response rate, allowing my team and I to evaluate individual cases and refer customers to specific products and programs for free. Simply message The Ashley Black Experience and tell them what you would like to accomplish with your tissue regeneration journey and you will receive a customizable response.”

Ashley’s industry foresight has led her to become a titan in her space. To date, Entrepreneur of the Year is not her only title. Inc. 5000 has named her company one of The Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, with the IAOTP’s naming her the winner of the Top Inventor and Business Innovator of the Year. As a #1 National bestselling author and the host of the first-ever TEDx Talk about fascia, Ashley continues to be an absolute powerhouse in the entrepreneurial world. 

For those looking to regenerate both their fascia and their entrepreneurial spirit, discover The Ashley Black Experience today.