How Pam Llaury Inspires People to Travel and Explore the World?

February 19, 2022

It is crucial to travel outside your hometown to gain exposure to the world. Traveling abroad may require extra planning, such as obtaining a visa and running several other errands. There are a lot of travel bloggers on the internet who can offer you some advice here. Pam Llaury is one such travel blogger who has been to different places within the last decade. She is a lifestyle influencer, blogger, content creator, and entrepreneur. You can follow her blog, thepamblog, for her travel adventures and lifestyle tips. She is pretty active on all social media platforms sharing fashion, travel, and lifestyle content. 

Traveling as a Lifestyle

Traveling can demonstrate how communication and language barriers can exist between individuals. Traveling also allows us to build relationships during our stay as we meet new people. People and nations are too divided among themselves. It makes developing a global understanding and communicating across countries so important. Pam Llaury shows the world how to build human connections with each other through her blog, which teaches about culture, food, new sites, music, and how people live their day-to-day lives around the world. On-site learning is the best way a person can learn. You can only learn so much about a place through an internet search. Although virtual reality is an innovative means for taking virtual tours, nothing compares to seeing a place for the first time in person. Pam is all about inspiring her audience to pack their bags and explore the world. 

Early Life

Pam was born in Lima, Peru, on August 15, 1987, but she grew up in Trujillo. Her father was a civil engineer, and her mother was an architect. She had an older sister and a younger brother. In college, she studied Industrial Engineering. For higher education, she moved to China, from where precisely her travel and blogging career took off.

Broadening Your Horizon

Traveling allows us to learn about other cultures, according to Pam. If a person has lived exclusively in his home country for his whole life, it would not be so easy for him to understand the struggles and celebrations of others. From one side of the country to the other, things can look vastly different. The dialect, the food, the local music, and the terrain all differ from one place to another. Every country speaks a unique language and communicates differently. We become open-minded when exposed to these things. Although we are different, we understand and appreciate our similarities as humans that bring us together. The year she moved to Shanghai, China, Pam enrolled in the Istituto Marangoni, where she also studied Chinese. Traveling can also give you a broad view of the world. Pam began working with Chinese brands like Aliexpress and Taobao as soon as she arrived in China besides exploring their culture, traditions, and economy.

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Pandemic Times

It was only during the last couple of years that she had to slow down her traveling. Due to the pandemic, the global border situation was a bit tight. For eight months, she had to stay in Peru. But she used that time to her benefit and launched her clothing brand, Bendita. She was doing pretty well, but she had to move back to China, so she left it there. 

Setting Up Her Business at a New Place

Pam has already experienced several benefits from traveling. She runs a successful import-export business with industry titans in Peru and China. Pam sources jewelry from different brands and exports it to her clients. She began blogging in 2016 under thepamblog. Besides establishing her fan following in China as a famous travel bloggerand lifestyle expert, she climbed the corporate ladder a few steps. She works as a Brand Manager for a reputable skincare company. 

Why Travel?

In a world where people constantly face the stress of work, relationships, and maintaining a family, they must take time to relieve all that stress to function normally. Pam says that traveling allows us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. It gives us a sense of wholeness. 

Whether someone travels within the country or abroad, it is an experience they will remember for a lifetime. When Pam visits a new place, her favorite part is tasting the food and learning the language. There’s nothing better than food to learn about different cultures. She has tons of information on her blog about the foods and languages of the places she visits. In 2021, the Shanghai Blogger Club Community invited her to share the stage with two other social media influencers.