From John Travolta to Fatman Scoop: How Prestige Hire Australia Rules the Hearts of Celebrities with its Services

February 19, 2022

Who doesn’t want a personally tailored luxury experience with a switch to cruise control and navigating your special journey? That calls for research to find a reliable and trusted service provider that will cater to your unique requirements. Not to worry, your search ends here, with the advent of Prestige Hire Australia which offers exactly what you have imagined on your close to the heart occasion. 

Australia’s No. 1 luxury chauffeur services company Prestige Hire has been operational for more than a decade now with its fleet of high-end vehicles ranging from Rolls Royce to Lamborghini under its wing ensuring that every customer is treated with royalty. Not only this, it also offers alternative modes of travel for customers who are air and water lovers. The company has jet services for air lovers ranging from the Gulfstream GIV, LearJet 31 to Falcon 900 luxury jets. It has three superyacht models: a 103ft prestige superyacht, an 86ft superyacht, and a 50ft one providing a thrilling experience of a lifetime. 

Prestige Hire is sought after by celebrities such as Steven Seagal, Fatman Scoop, John Travolta, Scott Disick, and Sophie Monk thereby working on multiple high profile weddings. Established in 2008, the company primarily focussed on doing Harley bike esports for weddings, but since then has grown to 25 cars, 3 luxury superyachts, and 3 luxury private jets. 

Moreover, Prestige Hire in these testing times have catered to and stood by a COVID-19 Safety Plan and is committed to keeping its customers safe and secure while they relish its wedding services. Prestige Hire dominates the car hire industry, not only in Australia but globally as well. It aims to expand its fleet across Australia and become the country’s biggest company leaving an imprint on its customers’ hearts and minds.