Pushing the envelope in fashion, Justin Haynes is now set to enthral with his Mini Capsule Collections Summer Russet

June 17, 2022

The much-talked-about “Fashion Lifestyle Icon” and a well-known custom tailor with his brand “JUS10H” yet again has garnered headlines.

There have been tons of talented beings that have always remained on top of the news and headlines for reasons more than one. All these individuals have been able to do that because they have chosen to walk on unconventional paths and have made some brave and bold choices in their journeys in order to create a unique path for themselves in their chosen industries and also to spellbound people with the kind of success they create along the way. Justin Haynes, the man well-known as the “Fashion Lifestyle Icon” and the one who has taken his brand “JUS10H” as a top custom designer and tailor to newer heights of success, has yet again garnered headlines, and this time with Summer Russet, his Mini Capsule Collections.

Throwing more light on the said collections, Justin Haynes says that he started creating the same in January this year with an idea to create mini collections with 4-6 looks, calling his “Live Window Display.” He recalls how when he worked in retail before, they consistently changed the windows and floor sets to give customers something new and fresh in the shop. He wanted to create the same concept in collections, which now has been a great success, and customers are loving it.

Not just that, the latest women’s Mini Capsule Collections have caught the eye of China, Japan, and Switzerland. Why Summer Russet, you ask? Well, Justin Hynes says that all the clothing in this collection is very clean or russet; off White, black and khaki colors pop and bring a very sharp international vibe. He is one of the ace designers in the fashion world who is pushing the season’s envelope and thus pushing the envelope in the fashion world.

The trench coats that are generally worn in the fall are especially being praised in light summer weight material that can be worn as a dress or a coat. Just like all other clothing and fashion pieces by Justin Haynes have spoken for themselves, this particular collection does just that, offering refreshing new designs and a quality of exquisiteness attached to them.

Check out his work on his brand’s website, https://www.jus10h.com/, and follow him on Instagram @theofficialjus10h to know more.


Designer/Tailor: JUS10H
Model: Ellie Monique Matus
Photographer: Scott Parker
Hairstylist : China Ga’lore
Make Up Artist: Shar Tuner

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