Demetrius Crawford charts a legacy of his own through his non-profit “DreamChasersNeverSleep”

June 20, 2022

The athlete, pro football player, trainer, coach, and fitness influencer is known for his philanthropic work and taking forward student-athletes’ talents.

People have, over the years, heard enough about how a few industries have flourished. Major credits have always gone to the many developments and technological advent they embraced. However, no one can deny how a few people have worked beyond limits, relentlessly and rigorously, each passing day to turn their ideas from paper into reality and create brands, businesses, platforms, and communities that add more value to the industries and most importantly, the people they serve. King Crawford (originally Demetrius Crawford) did the same and now has become his own brand, thriving on his strengths and athleticism as a former CFL player and now a fitness influencer, trainer, coach, and philanthropreneur.

“Chasing dreams can lead you to where you really wish to be, but for achieving unbelievable success, you need to put in unbelievable efforts consistently,” says King Crawford, who wants every student-athlete to get the right kind of opportunities right from their school days to get ahead in their pursuits of becoming skilled football players. Hence, in 2015, he initiated DreamChasersNeverSleep (https://www.dreamchasersneversleep.com/), his non-profit organization, which was streamlined by one of his viral fitness videos with the same title. This organization today is committed to leading the dreams of student-athletes aged 6-18 into reality by providing them with the right set of motivation, resources, and guidance, through annually free youth football camps, 7v7 traveling football program in the summers for them to play for 7v7 tournaments, which helps in keeping students on track, motivated and focused.

King Crawford’s videos have today stormed the social media world and have even helped him get featured on some of the top media outlets in the world. Be it his workout videos as a fitness influencer, bringing more motivation to the people he trains, his coaching style, his clothing line, or his organization; all radiate his brilliance as a professional who is working to impact the lives of each and every person he comes in contact with.

People can get in touch with him through Instagram @k1ngcrawford.

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