Fast Fun Facts About Kara the Vampire Slayer

January 28, 2023

Kara the Vampire Slayer is a YouTuber with an impressive backstory. In just two short years, she grew a YouTube channel from 0 subscribers to half a million, with even more followers on different social media platforms. In addition, she is well known for being the wife of YouTuber Michael McCrudden, who created the ‘Before They Were Famous’ YouTube series which has also been turned into a TV show. 

So, what else is there to know about Kara the Vampire Slayer? There’s plenty to know about her. Let’s get right into it!

Fast Fun Facts About Kara the Vampire Slayer

Before she worked full-time as a content creator, she actually worked at a casino! The career move from casino work was tricky, though. She describes the career change as a bit scary, but most of it was getting used to being on camera and speaking. 

Kara the Vampire Slayer’s primary YouTube channel is Famous Entertainment, which takes a deep look into the lives of celebrities. Most of her videos involve house tours of some of the most well-known and loved celebrities, such as Betty Whtie, Jennifer Lopez, and Ben Affleck! On this channel, she has 500,000 subscribers and attains millions of views on her videos. 

You might also be wondering how Kara the Vampire Slayer got her fun and interesting name online. She doesn’t actually slay vampires, but her name was inspired by someone that does – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

What else does Kara the Vampire Slayer do? In addition to YouTube, Kara the Vampire Slayer posts on other platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. She also posts home and vlog videos on her side YouTube channel, The McCruddens. Here, she posts content such as car tours, book reviews, travel vlogs, and more!